Who we are

nimble•works is a collective of smart, risk-taking and multi-talented consultants.
We excel at wearing many hats. We are ideal for when you need more than an individual freelancer, 
but less than a big agency.

With us, you get big thinkers but without big egos.
You get pinch-hitters for the times when you need to extend yourself.
We can jump in quickly and run alongside you.

Our flexible staff works virtually, but also convenes regularly in what we call “Together Days”.
Ideally, those days are together with you, on your turf.


Barbara Pantuso, Founder

I provide strategic, creative and operational insights to clients by immersing myself in your business and culture. I have over 20 years of management experience in bootstrapping small startups and in leading large interdisciplinary teams for corporate engagements. I think big but also know how to execute, and my strategies always take into account the practical constraints of time, budget and resources. I thrive on solving problems and thinking about what's next for technology and our culture. I like to take risks. In fact, when things start to feel under control, I look for the next challenge. 

Other bits & bobs:

I was born in Philadelphia, but I moved about 15 times in the first 18 years of my life. Taught me adaptability. It might have something to do with why I love to hit the open road. avid traveler having visited 48 of the 50 states, and over 25 countries and counting. Constant change and challenge….

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University
  • Travel + food = my passion
  • My favorite poet is…
  • I love…
  • I wear many hats…
  • Not afraid to say "I don't know"
  • Hospitality was my first career, so catering to the client is ingrained in me. I work for you.

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Lisa Reid, Founder

(Picture & Bio to follow)

In the nimble works family

We only work with people we know and share a successful track record together. 

(Pictures and names to follow)